Search Marketing

625 million keyword searches are completed on the web each day.

Paid Search, or Pay-Per-Click, will eclipse all other forms of online advertising in the coming year, according to investment banking and research firm S.G. Cowen & Co., which estimated that U.S. advertisers spent $6.1 billion in paid search in 2005, and $6.4 billion in all other forms of online ads, such as branded/display ads and classified listings.

In 2006, Paid Search accounted for over half of all online spending and will continue to increase its lead every year. By 2010, companies will spend $17.3 billion in Paid Search and $12.4 billion on other forms of online ad categories, according to S.G. Cowen.

With the rapid rise of internet usage and broadband adoption, Search has become a valuable research tools for consumers. Behind email, search is the second most popular online activity today, and it is the number one way users find new products, services and information.

Given its direct, opt-in and self-targeting nature, (people are seeking out products and services as opposed to watching a TV commercial), it’s no surprise search has become the hottest marketing medium available to advertisers. Search Marketing as an industry, has grown almost 700% in the last four years, with the percentage of total online spending allocated for Search increasing from 4% in 2001 to 49% in 2005.

Paid Search offers advertisers a low-cost, direct-response medium which has been proven to drive conversions at five times the rate of other media. In addition, Search has also shown the ability to provide brand-lift. It it now apparent that Paid Search simply MUST be a key component of any marketing strategy.

Advantages of Paid Search

• Huge Potential – 625+ million searches every day (7,500 per second). Search is the #1 way users find products and services online.

• Always On – Your marketing message and website are available to consumers
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

• Opt-in Marketing – Search does not interrupt consumer activity; those who use search are actively requesting relevant information.

• Highly Targeted – Visitors are “self-qualified” based on keywords used in their queries; search can also be geo-targeted.

• Warmest Leads – Visitors generated from search listings are 5 times more likely
to make a purchase or request more information.

• Measurable – Internet media is easy to track, allowing for constant campaign monitoring and adjustment for best possible ROI.

• Cost Effective – The average cost per acquiring a customer via Search Engine Marketing is typically 75% lower than other direct marketing methods.